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At the Beginning of this Book By A.L.M

I was supposed to be the girl that died

At the very beginning of this book-

It's true. All the evidence points to it.

I was supposed to be the girl that died

At the very beginning of this book.

You all know the books,

After all, it's so many of them.

You can probably think of your favorite books,

And in one of them the girlfriend dies.

I grew up liking comic books,

No one's girlfriend dies in those things.

Not like Alexandra DeWitt

Gwen Stacy

Stephanie Brown

Maria Castle


In fact, there’s not a whole trope for it:

Women in refrigerators

Did I cover literature?

No one's wife or girlfriend dies in literature, either.

Though I also want to make a special shout out

To the husbands in books

Who didn't act on locking their wives in attics

Instead of killing them- first.

Either way, examining these figures

For all these years,

I've realized-

I’m supposed to be the girlfriend.

My role is to make someone feel better,

To give them a better life.

My role is to play caregiver,

And advice master,

And show the hero a softer side of living.

Sometimes I even show that to the villain, too.

Sometimes that's why I have to die.

You see, in the end, my death is at least

Very important.

I always give the hero something more to

Fight for.

After all, you can't really fight hard enough

Until one of your loved ones dies.

It's just so much more poetic if it's your first,




First love.

I'm everybody's first love

And never anyone's forever love.

I don’t get the chance to be-

It's why I have to die at the

Beginning of this book.

The only problem is-

I haven't died.

I feel that I am missing my entire goal- purpose.

I've felt my entire life I was supposed to

Die young.

It was written in my storyline before I

Was a fully formed character.

It was planned from the beginning,

Wasn’t it?

She is to be the girl who dies

At the beginning of this book,

And the story cannot continue,

The hero cannot realize his true potential,

Until she does.

So, does this mean,

By not dead,

That I am single-handedly

Holding back the entire


Did I put this story on hold?

Or, does it mean, if I am not

The girl who died at the beginning of the book,

Then does that mean- no, it cannot mean-

But does it mean that I am instead

The protagonist?

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