• Dina


I’d get onto my knees

Down onto the unforgiving pavement

Heated to a burning degree because of the summer sun’s influence

But no external pain could permeate my skin

Not when I was praying to you

You, who came and went from my home as you pleased

Disappearing into the murky night air

down the stairs of my apartment building,

only to reappear in the morning


Crying, I missed you

You need no forgiving

Because you are holy and untouchable

You don’t exist in this realm, but in one of your making

Where breaking a heart,

again and again to where no amount of super glue is enough to put it back together

without the hideous cracks that make it into an masterpiece mosaic,

is a small price to pay to get what you want

Can I tell you a secret?

My heart still works.

I’d beg for your blessing

To taste your flesh

You’d give

but there was a string attached to every piece

I was being made into your marionette

You’d punish me if I dared to rebel

My sin, was not trusting you

Who whispered sweet honey nothings into

any listening ear

But you were my deity

And I’d follow you in the flames of the underworld

because I knew I’d never burn if I was with you

The only flame that could hurt me

Was your touch

seared into my skin

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