• Dina

Fated to meet like this...again

You watched me walk in tired eyes take in the room taking in the movement of bodies to undiscernible music

The only sound louder than the bass is my own beating to bursting heart

You watched me part from the pack They go to the bar and I retreat to the large glass windows

looking out at onlookers who won’t remember tonight I’m not under enough influence to take to the floor

You watch me fold my arms across my chest I think I can shield myself from the heavy smell of reverie; rich perfumes and dense perspiration

You watch me knowing that this was no place for me but the place where you ruled I was in your territory a trespasser

I know you see me because our eyes have been locked and loaded since I entered this club deep chills and thrills filled me and sickened me

I see fire flecked in your dark eyes filled with intent I feel a familiar electricity Flashes of our explosive nature

I make for the bathroom I don’t see you follow but I feel it on my back locked and loaded you’re ready to shoot

One hand on the door I don’t see you catch my other hand the painted word “Push” barely visible as you pull me into you and we tumble into a wall

My hands are pressed to your chest I don’t see your face before your lips are on mine we’ve been here before we’ve done this before

Somewhere in the distance fate throws her head back with laughter as I sink into her pleasure

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