• Dina

Get Well Soon

Write yourself a get well soon card:

Nobody is going to do it for you

like you do

do for the Love

You grew

Like the perennial peony bloom

soft and righteous in its life of pink hubris

You will outlive this

You will outlive us all

You will continue running forward

to the infinite horizon in your beating heart

you can’t hear them crying

STOP with the wind rushing into your ears

You came into being

unasked and unprovoked

Release yourself

Be the existentialist dream

Because to shine a light on every path you’ve walked

would take too many lifetimes

The ditches, bridges, city streets, dirt paths and paths untraveled, dimly lit hallways, and whispering woods

All well traveled but none could hold your eyes

they always glittered with the light of possibility

say yes a thousand times to what calls to you

and know that I love you

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