• Dina

Happy To Be Here

Updated: Jul 31

You’re not sure what to say

when they mean the absolute

Best. Don’t be the monster

that grows horns in the face

of good intentions

Soft like pastel sundresses

on Easter Sunday

powder purples and pinks parading

across the green grass framed by a blue sky

You want to fall into them,

their kind words promising

a safe space to land

But their words don’t ring with the sweet intonations of hope

Is this day better with you in it? If you step into the blue sky,

will it darken into gray?

You want to see the sunlight in their skies

Their words say trust us

But you don’t know how to take that leap into love

Could they still love me if they knew?

Can they help with the weight I carry and can never put down?

I don’t think they can

So I’ll love them through a window

This way

they can never see the thoughts and memories

strewn across the floor, soiled

and waiting to be laundered

They want to feel clean again

I want to be clean again

I want to smell like lavender

I want to wash away red wine every stain

But if I can’t

If this stained shirt if all I have to wear

Will you still want me here?

If you say yes

I’ll try a little harder than I did before

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