• Dina

How do stars die?

Updated: Jul 31

Mindlessly my fingers trace

the tiny scabs

from your teeth behind my ears,

from your nails in my back

Little constellations etched in skin

Your touch still lingers after the death of us

I pick at them as I sit in evening traffic

bathed in a golden sunset

on an evening with a chill that bites

I wonder if they know that you are gone

Does my body know that it is to dispose

of the memory of your touch

The way I have disposed of your gifts

Tossed in a dumpster with the things

we no longer cling to

and that do us no good

Does my body know to throw away

the feeling of what it feels like

to fall asleep

Interlocked and intertwined

My mind laughs

as she replays the memory of your smile

My mind she is wicked that way

She tells me all that I’ve lost

in the name of my convictions

She says that this is how you rise


But she does not understand

how my heart might collapse

without you

How it threatens to cease to be a star

But at least it will shine at its brightest

for just a little longer

Long enough to grant a wish

Long enough to lead the way

Then March will announce Spring’s arrival

And it will all be new again

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