• Dina

Into The Woods

She was never lost in the woods. How does someone get lost in their own home? The woods were hers. The small townspeople knew that. Occasionally, she’d cross into their realm. She’d visit the farmers market on a Sunday and bathe in their whispers.

“Seduces men”

“Kidnaps children”


She loved the title ‘”witch”, it brought a smile to her red velvet lips. She did not kidnap children, but encouraged them to find their own way in the woods. If they stayed, that was their choice. The woods could be safer for a child than the home that breeds trauma.

Men repulsed her, with their unearned confidence and smiles like honey laced with poison. No man could charm her. Men were not welcome in her forest. On occasion, one would make his way into the woods in pursuit of a woman. The young women in town knew the witch of the woods would protect them. The woods were known to be a safe space for them, but not for the hulking hungry predators who would follow them in. They wouldn’t follow her out.

She doesn’t know when she stopped being human. The witch of the woods had repressed that life. They say she had a family that she left behind. They say she killed her lover and ran from the scene of the crime. But one very specific woman knows her story, and if you find her she will tell it to you. She will tell you of the woman who grew so weary of the world she escaped to take a nap and never came back.

(Image: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/xXPxi )

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