• Dina

Moving Day

I remember when you helped me move

For the first and only time

We fought and made up

We fought and made up

We fought and made love


Probably not

It was the first time you were truly mad at me

For a reason other than crying crocodile tears

You know what I mean

Those tears I shed when you became the ice queen of hearts

I had messed up

I knew it

But it’s because the only person I rely on is me

You had not developed such a coveted rapport with me

You tried though.

You tried the way a child tries to convince their mother

they didn’t eat the cupcake with frosting

still on the corners of their lips.

I had planned the move based on some faint notion

That I might be doing it all alone.

I would have figured out how to move the

entertainment center on my own

Watch me.

I’m a stubborn witch.

I work magic you can’t even fathom.

That weekend I was sick.

The flu probably.

You were gentle with me when I was sick

It was your redeeming grace.

Whether my demons be real or mind made

You helped me fight them.

You loved me when I was weak.

I think I understand why you stopped loving me now.

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