• Dina

My Friend

To my divinest friend

wherever you are tonight

know that I miss you

And love you with what

Little heart

I have left in me

Never feel ashamed

to fall clumsily into love

We all do it

We can’t help it

Never feel afraid to

be boldly you

Teach us a lesson

on what it means

to be true

My darling you are a star

A flame

That gives life

That no man can tame

Nor should they try

You are sweet sticky ice cream

You melt when met

with warmth

I realize those things contradict

But who am I

to say you can’t be both

My handsomest friend

know that you are a gift

To me

I unwrap your company with care.

I hate to sound like a cliché but

when we grow old

Promise you’ll still be here.

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