• Dina

My Rose Colored Girl

You are beautiful. That goes without saying. It’s okay that we’re different. Different worlds, different views, different tastes. It didn’t stop me from loving you. I piece our time together like a beautiful fairytale that doesn’t have a happy ending. That’s okay though. That’s just real life. Real life is a series of events. There is no beginning, climax, and ending. Although, there are plenty of climaxes in real life.

My princess charming, you believe in silver linings. I believe in stormy skies that are sometimes blue. What I would have given to exist in the world that you do. To not spend every day feeling as though I’m hanging on by a thread. I am not light and a thread can only hold on for so long. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go into a dark place.

Darling, you showed me how to love a sunset again. After enough #sunset photos on Instagram you become kind of numb to the beauty. You took me away from hashtags and placed me in the now. I was present in your presence.

Can I tell you a story? It’s about a princess who meets a peasant. I’m the peasant. They fall in love, but their worlds are so different. The princess didn’t know that the peasant had lived a life marked by nightmares. The peasant girl was not the gentle soul she wanted to be. She was jagged, but a queen in her world.

They didn’t live happily ever after but the peasant didn’t find the princess to be any less beautiful. Reality is making decisions that suck.

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