• Dina

On Edge

Great Moments

start when a human finds themselves

on a precipice

How many others have stood here,

on crumbling earth specked

with unruly wildflowers bright like summer sun

Contemplating their




Fleeting in the presence of the ancient ocean

An elder weighed down to E

arth by the stories she carries

In fathomless placid depths.

Humans broke her and gave her many names

From Atlantic to Pacific

She was never ours to conquer.

It was never up to us to decide she is not whole

as she is.

How many souls has she carried away

to the final place?

I see my body

strewn on the rocks below

When they know that I am gone

she has already claimed another

in the waves of her receding tide.

I sleep in midnight waters

where stars don’t shine

Sorrows that chained me to the Earth

have no hold on me here

I am weightless in her embrace.

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