• Dina

Pep Talk

I know life is burdensome right now, you’re in a pit again.

Did you dig it yourself this time?

Did you find that plot in the cemetery near the woods;

the one with pretty wildflowers who do as the they please.

Climb out that grave,

don’t dust yourself off.

The fresh soil contours your scars. They look pretty on you.

Every one a reminder of every battle fought until there was no blood sweat or tears left to shed. Every hardship you laid awake at night, unsure of how you’ll overcome

every instance of trauma that once caused you to hide under covers in hope that the monster couldn’t find you there.

You are greater than one regrettable moment

In which the voice inside your head persuaded you, that you don’t deserve

To believe in wishes made on stars and

Love that makes your heart feel as though it might break out of the prison of your chest,

throwing itself into waiting arms

a lovely someone who promises to catch you when you fall.

Even though they don’t know how much you weigh and from how far you’d be falling.

You’ve convinced yourself that you don’t deserve

The peace that comes after the war has been fought

You only know how to fight.

But who are you to tell yourself you are so unworthy?

Who are you to stand in your own way, barring you

from savoring the legacy you have begun to frame

Every time your universe was dismantled and your stars died out

Like the goddess that you are, you reconstructed

Each new universe more beautiful than the last

Radiating its own luminous unwavering light

You alone have given life to your dreams

working with only the dust of the stars you’ve wished on.



you have chosen life, you choose to create

realities that are ethereal and holy

With the life you have been given

No matter how many times you’ve begged to give it back.


you can see the bruises on your knees like strawberries.

You are no simple organism existing for one purpose

You dictate your purpose.

You don’t exist

for the pleasure

or at the leisure

of others

Remember who you are, no man can define you

Remember who you are, no world can hold you

Your value cannot be quantified.

It is everlasting and exquisite.

Remember who you are

Every time you dig that grave, remember

that you are so high above this that no simple concept can confine you

You formidable force to be reckoned with

You can run the world

And the world should be afraid.

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