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Random Journal Entry About The Boy Who Lived

Updated: Jul 31

When I first read your stories, I was immediately addicted. Powering through page after page, falling asleep on said pages and dreaming about where the antics of the golden trio could lead them to next. My life was transformed. I had no idea a book could transport you this way. My life was changed. See: All the books I've devoured since.

I longed for an owl to show up with my Hogwarts letter. I wondered if maybe Hogwarts took late starters. Not just because I'd love to meet Hermione, Ron, and Harry myself, but because like Harry, I longed for a place that felt like home.

Often, I'd fall asleep to my own fantasies about what life would be as witch in Rowling's world. Sometimes, I was a student that simply started late. In more elaborate fantasies, I was the only living descendant of Godric Gryffindor. As I got older, I imagined being an Auror, working alongside Harry at the Ministry, or maybe a member of Wizengamot.

It wasn't just the adventured I craved, it was also the love. The love Harry found in his chosen family; The Weasleys, Hermione, and of course Dumbledore. There was so much love weaved into Harry's story. After all, his mother's love is where this all started. Stories like this have given me my core value in life: that love is the most powerful force there is.

If we took the time to pick apart Rowling's story (and we have) we would find that it's flawed. However, it is irrefutable that this story gave so many of us hope and ignited our sense of wonder. I'm so grateful for the Wizarding World and the gifts its given me. Like, getting to watch people cry as they enter Diagon Alley for the first time, the joy of eavesdropping on a heated discussion about the characteristics that define each Hogwarts House, and my favorite, the argument that Draco deserved a redemption arc. Oh, and A Very Potter Musical, can't forget that gem.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Harry Potter! I hope the kids are doing well.

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