• Dina


Honey honey honey

How are you so sweet

Share your sugar with me

without the caution of the girl

who sleeps with her weapon under her pillow, ready to save herself from the terrors under the bed

Honey honey honey

Sweet working bumble bee

Buzz your way on over to me

Let’s pollinate and grow a tree

we’ll carve our names into because

we’ll live forever, blooming among

tulips and daffodils

Honey honey honey

Stickier than the sweetest

Peach picked in its bursting prime

Ready to please from the first bite

long into the night. I’ve waited my whole life for this.

Honey honey honey

Warm like the chamomile tea

you served me on a rainy December

morning after the night in your shoebox city apartment crying over the spilled milk on the cold tile

Honey honey honey

You illuminating golden sun

Warm me down to my aching soul.

The further I fall, the higher I feel like

I’m flying headfirst, heart out and open, into a dream.

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