• Dina

Take my hand, we'll figure it out

How do you properly romanticize a healthy romance? How do you take consistency that feels as reassuring as your morning coffee and equate it to the intense fervor of lover’s lips meeting in hunger? Can’t they exist together?

It’s easy to write about what hurts the heart. What makes you feel like the moon is crashing down and gravity no longer makes sense. Like you could fold into yourself and cry until if you’ve drained your soul, Leaving behind only a dull throbbing.

But I don’t know how to describe the simple uplifting beauty that is finding a heart that wants to be with yours without wanting to dull your shine.

They find you in the middle of your day to day. Running errands, which actually means smelling every lavender candle at TJ Maxx. They find you in a coffee shop. Because where else would you be on a blue-sky Sunday afternoon? They find you in a small used bookstore Between the stacks of well-loved literature.

And when they find you, you don’t see it coming. You never really do.

They ask to hold your hand and to walk alongside you. They ask if they can figure out this life with you. They want to get lost in the stars with you, to expand to grow to learn to live with you.

And you don’t know where it will lead but you no longer want to live with one foot out the door. You’re all in, and all you say is yes.

Photo is not my own.

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