• Dina

The Birth of Starlight

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

Once upon a time, during a time long past. There lived a village of witches. They were known as the abandoned women. In that village was a young witch known for her beauty. Her hair fell in soft raven ringlets and framed the face of woman who rose above her tragedy. Her name was Helene.

She spent her evenings in the dark forest tending to her garden. When the moon would take its leave she would bring fire with her to light the way. Most witches were well trained in combat, hunting, and healing. The three most important crafts for survival. But Helene loved her flora dearly and the village loved Helene most ardently. She brought them joy with her magical botany. Fusions of exotic plants blooming into ethereal creations teeming with her energy.

When a herd of men began to inhabit the Redlands on the Great Forest’s outskirts, Helene was warned to never enter the forest alone. But one evening as the witches lay sleeping on a night without the moon, a wail could be heard. It shook the whole village awake and one by one the women would appear from their huts, clad in very little, vulnerable.

A great fire could be seen roaring in the distance.

“My garden.” Helene cried as she took off into the forest.

“Helene no. It’s not safe.” The High Priestess called but it was no use.

Helene raced through the forest, her bare feet pounded on the cool ground. The flames were still far enough that she could make it to the garden. She could cast a ward to protect it. With little difficulty she made her way to the open expanse where her children grew. She could see the glowing glories that grew around the large tree that stood strong and tall in the center of it all. But without the light of the moon, she did not see the man who came at her like a boulder. His large body crashed into her. He recovered quickly. He was on his feet and had taken Helene and threw her over his shoulder as if she were game.

“I caught a witch.” He yelled to seemingly no one.

Helene could hear more whoops and cries throughout the forest. It had been a trap.

He took her into her garden where he laid her down. He took in Helene’s bare body as if it were a feast. And then he took Helene herself. As he entered her, a vile feeling coursed through her body and she could not breathe. The pain of him entering her was one she had never known. It was a disgusting pain, as if she were rotting where he touched her. More men began to appear. In her garden. They passed her around. And as she cried, her garden came to her. She felt their energy entering her. Coursing through her. Burning her. Burning them. Helene caught fire. Blue flames engulfed them all. And as she turned to ashes, Helene spread into the sky into the far reaches of space.

And there she stays. A guiding light, when the moon is gone.

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