• Dina

The Exhibit

I fell in love

in a museum

more than once

with the same person

How do I tell

this little story?

How do I describe

that vivid technicolor moment

where your heart

It wants to break free of you

No matter the cost

And there is a cost

Your heart only sees

the color of her heart

vivid violent red

A powerhouse

kept quiet by a mind

With a penchant

for self preservation

She doesn’t know it

Not yet

But with every quiet

coquettish blush

she’s ensnared you

It’s too soon

But time is just a concept

Constructed to prevent you

From arriving too late

or coming too early

My skin is on fire

where we touched

For a moment

Shoulder to shoulder

As you took in each piece

I pretended to not watch

But I wanted to tell you

How you made me

See the future

With stardusted dreams

In my eyes

But the dust blinded me

I didn’t see the end

Quickly as it bloomed

and blossomed

It wilted with brown

tipped pink petals

So what I’m trying to say is

I love the museum

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