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The Magical Girls Next Door

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

“This is why people are afraid of us.” Lottie looked over at Kari who was gleefully carrying her baseball bat over her shoulder as if it were something to be proud of. Kari was the shortest and youngest of the three. She wore her hair in double buns, an homage to her childhood hero, Sailor Moon.

“You could have picked just about anything to make a wand out of and you chose a Louisville damn Slugger.”

“What can I say? When I watched Lemonade I knew that it had to be this.” She pat the bat affectionately. “It’s better than Sara, who chose an actual bubble wand.”

“Bitch, at least it’s subtle.” Sara called from behind her. Sara loved all things cute and, so it was no surprise she’d pick something as absurd as a bubble wand. Lottie, the sensible one, used a replica Harry Potter wand she got when she visited Harry Potter Land in Florida. Whether or not she wanted to admit it, she was the biggest nerd of the group.

“Yeah, subtle like your dress.” Kari suggested, turning around to look at the pink lacey piece Sara decided to wear on their first night of patrol.

“It’s a look.” She responded, with her nose turned up.

The three young witches stroll down the city streets that night, with only their signature denim jackets to keep them warm. Wands at the ready, they were there to take back the night. The Witches of the Westside were a notorious coven, known for their charitable work during the day and their vigilante efforts during the night.

Kari was the first in her family to show signs of magic and as soon as she could think for herself, she knew she wanted to be one of the Witches of the Westside. When she was twelve, she remembers the woman who sent a paralysis curse at the man who had been following her home from school. She remembers her curly red hair and her suede red lips. She wore the denim jack every west side witch had, like a cape, and high heeled boots that came to her knees. That night Kari could not tell if she was in love or awe or both, but that night, when she went home, she told her parents two things.

“I’m gay and I want to be a Westside Witch.”

Her mother all but fainted and her father reminded her that her only choice after high school was to go to college.

“As for that other thing, I knew that way before you did kid. Your mom unfortunately, will need some time.”

Kari’s mother sat silently on the couch in the living room of their five-floor walk up. While it was hard to deny Kari’s magic, due to her inability to control it during her juvenile years, her mom succeeded in denying her daughter’s queerness until she brought home her first girlfriend at sixteen. Now, at nineteen, Kari was grateful that her mother openly talks to her about finding a good girl to settle down with after college.

While she obliged and agreed to attend a local college, Kari joined the Witches as soon as she turned eighteen. She knew her parents objected but that’s because they just didn’t understand. They were from another time. They did not understand the feminist movement, the fight against the patriarchy, and most of all witches.

Tonight was their first night on patrol. Kari was electric. She tossed her bat from hand to hand, twirled it, and danced with it.

“Look, just don’t get overzealous tonight. Harassment has decreased over the years, so it’s likely that this will be a quiet night.” Lottie was the unspoken leader of the three. She was what Kari’s parents probably wanted out of a daughter.

Lottie was from a wealthy family in the East Side. They had their own coven, why Lottie wanted to be a west side witch, no one knew, but she had been rumored to be of great potential. Kari wanted to see this “potential” with her own eyes.

“Maybe not that quiet.” Sara said gesturing to a woman across the street. There was a man following her. Kari could not hear what he was saying but based on the woman’s body language, she was not interested in what he had to offer. By the time Kari had made this observation Sara was already on the other side of the street. She felt her body tense as she watched living embodiment of the word adorable approach a man twice her size.

Despite being a new recruit, Sara had always been in tune with her abilities. Her mother encouraged it from the day her powers first showed. Sara had accidentally brought to life some old Mother’s Day lilies because she wanted to make her mother smile.

“Hey.” Sara called to the man. He turned around to face her. In that instance the woman took her chance and ran, but it didn’t matter, he had found a new target. As he approached Sara, she whipped out her wand and cast a paralysis spell, freezing him where he stood. They wouldn't hurt him, they were only allowed to use combat style magic if they were in danger.

“I don’t think so.” She says with a smile. At this point Kari and Lottie had joined her.

“What do you think you’re doing going off on your own?” Lottie demanded.

“What? Like this was hard?” Sara has a smirk on a face as he holds her wand, aimed at the man. He starts to laugh.

“All three of you are pretty cute.”

“Ew.” Kari says.

Then, in a flash, he breaks free of the spell and it looks as if he uses his hands to throw the spell back at Sara who falls to the ground, paralyzed, her pink hair covering her face, but leaving just enough uncovered for Kari and Lottie to see blood. There was nothing normal about this. Paralysis spells were supposed to be harmless.

He begins to laugh again. Lottie is quick and sends a spell at him but he deflects it with his bare hands, slapping the magic away as if it were a fly. He walks up to them with a sly smile on his face as if he’s won. Then in a moment of survival instinct, Kari, putting all the power she could into her bat, takes a large swing at the man who goes flying into the building across the street, where he collapses, unconscious.

“Sara.” She can hear Lottie cry out behind her. Kari stands there, in stunned silence. She watches the limp body as if it would reanimate at any moment.

“Kari she’s okay, but we need to get her to a hospital.”

“Lottie, what the hell was that? I thought men couldn’t—“

“Kari, I don’t know, we’ll have to let the others know, but first we have to take care of Sara.”

Kari silently nods to no one. Finally peeling her eyes away from the body, she turns around to see Lottie trying to lift a semi-conscious Sara. Quickly, she rushes to Sara’s other side, hoisting her up. The three girls left the scene with an unfamiliar dread. This was the beginning of something dark.

(Photo from this great HuffPost article.)

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