• Dina

The Psychological Advantages of Intimacy

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Intimacy compared to burning

breeds the idea of lustful nights

of a flame that will dwindle by morning

Intimacy like electricity

can start with a spark

and can build into a formidable force

Pure energy lighting the dark

It can start with the static

From two hands meeting for the first time

it courses through you

Whole body

Whole soul

Just a tease

And yet you feel awakened

Fingers weaved together

Just close enough to breathe

in the florals of their perfume

You want to keep that scent

in a vase on your desk

When you graduate

from hand holding and taste their embrace

You are addicted to the experience of contact

Oxytocin is released and it’s too late for you

Your mind has left you in the past

Jumping towards a sticky sweet future fantasy

Their touch is what awakens

you like a sleepy morning promise

made the day you said “I do”

I do promise to touch you

With only the gentlest of intentions

I want to awaken you with awe

And fill a quiet moment

with butterflies in your belly

Leaving you feeling alive.

The way you did the day

you stood on that roof

of that eight story building

looking over your paper town,

Swearing that you’d never return.

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